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"The equipment you need pre-configured when you need it"

The NTS Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) and configuration service, ranges from a simple Power On Self Test (POST) to more advanced services such as PC Imaging and pre-configuration of other equipment e.g. servers, switches and routers.

The Benefits:

  • Reduced risk of Dead on Arrival (DOA) equipment.
  • No time consuming initial setup screens
  • No unfamiliar command lines to navigate
  • Less time reading the manuals.

The NTS Support Centre and configuration workshops are a secure zone allowing entry only to authorised personnel via access codes. All customer data is stored offline to ensure total security. The NTS support centre has IP surveillance cameras for added security.

Services and activities provided:

  • Imaging of PCs and laptops from a pre-agreed or customer supplied image.
  • Customised configuration/installation of specific software including, Vista reverted to XP Pro, bespoke applications and email setup.
  • Server OS installation and initial configuration including the installation of additional power supplies and hard disks configured in various RAID setups.
  • Asset management and tagging, if you have an NTS support contract these will be added to it on a pro rata basis.
  • Installation of hardware upgrades e.g. memory or DVD-RW drives.

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