Advanced Security

 "The best form of defence is offence!

   Take the offensive action…Call NTS!"

NTS has designed, implemented and optimized a range of innovative advanced security solutions which provide layer-by-layer protection ensuring you get a solution that offers proven value for money and is fully scalable to protect your future investment.

Our layer-by-layer approach ensures that you have no single point of weakness so in the event of an appliance being compromised your data and fundamentally your business isn't exposed!

With our leading vendor partnerships and Advanced Security Specialisations we can design, supply, implement, Optimize and maintain a highly resilient solution that is built around key pillars of security.

NTS is a leading UK reseller with a truly modern attitude to doing business; we're one team working in synergy to achieve one aim 'The satisfaction of our customers!'with our dynamic ethos and Advanced Security, Unified Communications, Routing and Switching accreditations and vendor certified technical staff, you can be confident that your multi-vendor network can interoperate securely and successfully!

The issues you face:




Unstructured threats - primarily consist of random hackers using common tools.

Although hackers in this category may have malicious intent, many are more interested in the intellectual challenge of cracking safeguards than in creating havoc.

  • Malicious shell  scripts
  • Password crackers
  • Credit card  number generators
  • Dialer daemons

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External threats - These threats consist of structured and unstructured threats originating from an external source.

  • These threats may have malicious and destructive intent, or they may simply be errors that generate a threat.

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Internal threats

  • These threats typically involve disgruntled former or current employees. Although internal threats may seem more ominous than threats from external sources, security measures are available for reducing vulnerabilities to internal threats and responding when attacks occur.

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Reconnaissance attacks -  A reconnaissance attack is when an intruder attempts to discover and map systems, services, and vulnerabilities.

Attackers and hackers can employ social engineering techniques to pose as legitimate people seeking out information. A few well structured telephone calls to unsuspecting employees can provide a significant amount of information.

  • Packet sniffers
  • Port scans
  • Ping sweeps
  • Internet information queries

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Access attacks -  An access attack is when an intruder attacks networks or systems to retrieve data, gain access, or escalate access privileges.

  • Password attacks
  • Trust exploitation
  • Port redirection
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks

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Denial of service

(DoS) attacks

  • A DoS attack is when an intruder attacks your network in a way that damages or corrupts your computer system or denies you and others access to your networks, systems, or services.

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Worms, viruses, and Trojan horses -

These attacks are when malicious software is inserted onto a host in order to damage a system, corrupt a system, replicate itself, or deny services or access to networks, systems, or services.

  • Worms
  • Viruses
  • Trojan horse attacks

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Network Technology Systems is a Microsoft Certified Partner and Cisco Premier Partner with Advanced Security Specialisations.

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