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"The future of storage"

Storage Area Network(SAN) is a dedicated network that exclusively transports data for storage and retrieval. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of a SAN is typically less than direct-attached storage (DAS).

SANs provide centralised control over all of an organisations data. This allows for better data management, increased efficiency by releasing IT staff for other tasks and in turn reducing operating costs.

Network Attached Storage provides organisations with dedicated high performance file server appliances which can integrate with SANs, or utilise DAS.

NTS specialise in NAS and SAN offerings from EMC, HP, Cisco, and IBM.

Secondary Storage devices can be attached to a SAN infrastructure, providing LAN free backups, reducing the required backup window and centralising tape management.

The business realizes a higher return on investment (ROI) because sharing storage among servers utilizes capacity more efficiently, and expenses for backup hardware are reduced.

Increased system availability can help prevent costly downtime and lost data. Normally if you have do not have SAN implemented you would be forced to buy a new server when you could not add any more hard drives the existing servers.

That's where SAN comes in you never have to buy a new server just because you have run out of disk space.

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